How to Become the Most Creative person in the room – ebook

Apr 16, 2024

Here’s what I genuinely believe: How well you develop your creative capacities will be the single most significant determinant for how well you are able to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities of the exponential age (2020s and beyond). And that applies to companies as well as individuals.

Creativity is both broader in application and more significant in impact than communication skills, time-management, and emotional intelligence.

Here’s the best news about creativity: it’s not just something that people are born with, it’s something anyone can develop. Just as with physical fitness, one’s creativity capacity can be built and honed over time. So, if you happen to be thinking that you or your staff aren’t likely to earn any creativity awards any time soon, stay tuned.

In this e-book I’ll be giving you 10 powerful tips and methods for building creativity.

Colt Briner  « Architect of Influence


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