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At Scrappy AF we specialize in market-disrupting strategies and high-impact brand expression to take companies from “never heard of ‘em” to market dominance. Scrappy is a collective of seriously resourceful, radically creative, tactical badasses under the leadership of Colt Briner, unicorn company CMO and Architect of Influence.

I have facilitated triple digit growth for a broad spectrum of companies leveraging highly cost-efficient "lightning strike" and "gorilla" techniques. Just prior to hanging the shingle for Scrappy AF, I worked as CMO with a young startup company in Cincinnati helping them reach unicorn status (privately held with $B+ valuation) in under 24 months.

– Colt Briner

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    A Note from Colt Briner

    Over the last 20 years I have had the privilege to work with an incredible collection of freelancers and agencies. Rather than compete with them, Scrappy has assembled an alliance of phenomenally creative, resourceful and talented partners that we call up on to support our work with clients. These are the people and companies that have earned the moniker “Scrappy AF.”

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