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Third Circle Deliverables

Marketing Roadmap

Reverse-engineered from your revenue targets, this is a comprehensive plan for building market awareness and engaging the prospects you need to reach your growth goals over the next 12 months. Exactly what to do, how much to spend, what to spend it on, how to measure it and what to expect for results. This comes with a Roadmap Workbook to guide in precise execution and progress tracking.


90-day, prioritized tactical marketing plan

Objectives, goals, time boxes, assignments, support resources, budgeting and accountability structure – Total team coordination – What to do, when to do it, how to measure it.


Vendor engagement recommendations

Outlays, deliverables, success measures, budgeting and time boxes


Revenue roadmap workbook

For execution and task tracking


Reporting Recommendations

Quarterly marketing reporting package recommendation


Marketing ROI Optimization

Tactics and recommendations for optimizing marketing ROI


Account-based marketing orientation workshop


Marketing playbook

Marketing playbook for prospect outreach and engagement with tactical breakdown


Social media

Marketing game plan and content calendar


Thought leadership

Thought leadership content marketing plan and SME engagement framework with supporting templates and resources


Thought followship

Prospect engagement and content generation plan


Budgeting Recommendations

Recommended budgeting for all of the above


ABM systems configuration, scoring model and processes maps


12 month OKR breakdown

Month by month lead and opportunity generation plan

Buyer's Journey Optimization


Competitive Positioning

Competitive positioning recommendations and high-level messaging/framing guidance


2X monthly one-hour consultations

Throughout timeline of the roadmap to ensure successful execution and appropriate pivots as needed



Time boxes, measures, goals and performance benchmarks for all of the above

Third Circle Deliverables

Textual Brand Guide

All the core written material you need to communicate about your company/brand and solutions to your target market.  Your What, Who, How and Why.  Includes core value propositions, market position, differentiators, prospect hooks, etc. This content serves as the basis for all your market facing materials (company collateral, solution slicks, website, social posts, advertising, etc.)

Industry background - company market setting


Company’s market position and differentiation brief


Strategic brand messaging


Competitor analysis


Prospect pain points and prospect-centered communications guide


Synthesized textual brand guide


Brand pillars: What, how, why - mission, vision, values


Solution/product/services talking points, usps, jtbds, etc.

Third Circle Deliverables

Visual Brand Guide

The entire look and feel of the brand – Logos, marks, colors fonts, layouts, templates, brand imagery, swag concepts, presentation layouts, collateral frameworks. Initial brand concepts presentation Includes 3 to 4 unique concept packages for the brand, including distinct color palette and typography options


Logo and use guidelines

Logo, icon and wordmark composition (horizontal and vertical configurations) and use guidelines – One-color and full-color versions, provided in multiple file formats for use across all web and print applications


Trade dress concepts

Business card, stationary, and apparel designs


Presentation Template

10 slide PowerPoint template


Color palette


Editorial guidelines

Proper use of the mark in all contexts


Photography Styles

Photo/image brand style guidelines – Includes 5-7 royalty-free images for immediate use


Collateral Design

Solution collateral – product slick template concept


Brand Color Palette

Primary and secondary brand palette and usage guidelines



Heading, caption & body styles in Primary and Secondary fonts


Design Elements

Patterns or iconography to further support trade-dress (as appropriate)


Website Style

Website homepage concept

Third Circle Deliverables

Website Design & Development

Dependent on final scope defined during information architecture phase: project duration, page count, content volume and design complexity. Requires Textual Brand Guide and Visual Brand Guide deliverables.


Information architecture

Content map, navigation architecture, client journey and wireframes as needed


Seamless Setup

Full setup and configuration of staging/production environment on client-managed host


Multiple Page Templates

7-9 informational pages, each including one (1) initial concept with up to two (2) revisions, as needed


Intuitive Interface design

Mobile-first design approach for accessibility and ease-of-use


Content Management

Content library and management interface based on client provided assets and content


Fully Transferrable

Built with an intuitive backend, all elements are accessible and editable by the site owner


Optimized For Scrolling

 Optimized scrolling design with parallax (full-width layered image) sections


Forms and Lead Capture

Call booking calendar(s), Email capture or other contact form features as desired


Admin Panel Training

Two (2) 30 minute training sessions on the fully accessible backend

Ongoing Support

MarCom execution menu

Fully designed solution collateral – product slicks, company overview sheets

Sales decks and solution overviews

Competitive analysis and strategic position (battle cards)

Product marketing and asset development

Customer journey development and lead nurture/conversion flows

Trade show displays and booth design, team wardrobe design, overall brand presence

Company swag design and sourcing

Solution positioning and branding

Website maintenance and updates

Execution support for priority tasks in Marketing Roadmap Workbook

Ongoing marketing strategy crafting/consulting

Content creation support – Though Leadership and Thought Followship

Video production support – Commercials, campaign videos, brand boosting videos, solution explainers, testimonials, sales support and buyer journey video content

Conference/event support – training/coaching, tools/collateral/templates, on-site support


Prospect outreach communications support – Business development / Sales development content, messaging support

Campaign crafting and execution support

Case studies and testimonials (print and video)

MarCom SaaS and systems implementation and configuration support

3rd party MarCom vendor engagement / management (conferences, PR, design, web, etc.)

Lightning strike campaign execution support

Hyper-targeted prospect outreach and engagement support (research, messaging, templates)

Thought leadership campaign support (webinar execution, industry publisher engagement and channel activation)

Thought Followship campaign support (ideation, multi-format content creation, market visibility)

New solution launch campaign planning, budgeting and execution support

MarCom function budgeting and staffing support

Prospect engagement event execution support – Ideation, planning, promotion, execution, lead conversion

General MarCom operational support

Marketing Foundations


It’s pretty clear that video is a critical component of modern-day marketing, but not all videos are created equal and not every great video needs to cost a fortune. The key is personality: something the audience can connect with, and that is where Scrappy Marketing excels. We help companies craft and leverage personality to put out videos that audiences relate to and enjoy. You can spend a pile of cash on a high-end studio production, or you can get Scrappy and put out videos that people actually want to watch.

Purpose-driven marketing videos


Humorous videos

Solution explainer videos

Case study videos

Parody videos

Product showcase videos

Company overview videos

Client testimonial videos

Special offer videos

Social-good campaign videos