Creating Visibility

Apr 16, 2024

You’re trying to build visibility for your company with a content series, but your content series has no visibility.

Classic problem, but the good news is that it is much easier to get your targets interested in a content series than it is to get them interested in your company.
That is IF your content is ACTUALLY VALUABLE to them.

First, make sure your content is worth following:

  • Solve your target audience’s problems
    Advance their careers
  • Make their jobs easier
  • Save them time
  • Reduce their risk
  • Keep them ahead of the curve
  • Give them the intelligence, insight and data they need to be successful
  • Make it fun and interesting

Then make the content visible:

  • Include an invitation to the content in all company email signatures
  • Include invitation to the content in all company LinkedIn posts
  • Create visibility for the content at all trade shows
  • Get interactive with polling and audience engagement (listener giveaways)
  • Boost promotional posts for the content on social platforms
  • Place ads promoting the content in online industry trade journals
  • Mention it whenever you present at conferences
  • Promote it to your clients and partners
  • Promote it in professional community forums
  • Syndicate through platforms like Medium
  • Promote it through guest blogging
  • Build cross-promotion relationships with other similar content providers.
  • SEO optimization

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Colt Briner  « Architect of Influence


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