“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘marketing’.” – Jef I. Richards

Marketing assessments, gap analysis and prioritized strategic roadmaps

Scrappy B2B Marketing Assessments give you more than just gap-analysis and performance benchmarking. We look into every aspect of your marketing operation and provide you a customized, prioritized roadmap for optimizing your marketing performance. Click here to learn more about marketing assessments.

Top-performing thought leadership marketing programs, tools and training

Repackaging the news is not thought leadership. Giving your audience new insights, revelations and viewpoints is what establishes recognition as a true authority. Consistently producing content like this requires a process, governance, executive alignment, metrics and goals. Scrappy creates fully customized thought leadership frameworks for your organization that will empower your experts to grow your brand.

Data-driven marketing frameworks, tools and training

With a solid data-driven marketing program you can quickly identify which initiatives and campaigns are working and which are wasting your resources. If you want to convert your marketing operation to a data-driven growth machine, we can help.

Competitive landscape analysis and market positioning / differentiation

Is your company a “me too” or have you effectively differentiated from your competitors? We analyze your top competitors to build you a map of your competitive landscape and help you capture your own powerful market position.

Conference domination strategies and creative/tactical support

Dominating a conference isn’t about spending the most money. It’s about having the best plan and executing with gusto. From social media tactics to booth-packing engagement methods, Scrappy has earned a reputation for earning brands a reputation. For more on our conference work check out this case study featured in Exhibitor magazine where we boosted sales opportunities over 100% compared to the prior year.

Highly effective sales presentation development and coaching

High-dollar, complex enterprise selling already has enough challenges. Make sure your pitch deck isn’t one of them. By reframing your sales pitches to your prospect’s jobs-to-be-done and tying everything back to client value you will increase your conversion rates, accelerate your pipeline and boost your average revenue per contract.

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"Colt is a high-level strategist that can spot the slightest challenges that can disrupt and prevent a strategy or plan from being effective. Having worked closely with Colt for the past 10 years he is always striving to continuously improve and challenge the norms to have break-out success for every company that he has supported.” Mark KithcartVP Marketing, iBuumerang
“We love Scrappy and the name says it all. If you want marketing that makes an impact, get Scrappy.” Rich WallerCXO, VisiQuate
“Colt was an absolute pleasure to work with. His work was prompt, high-quality, comprehensive and exactly what we asked for. Post-engagement, he has continued to go above and beyond in connecting us with his network of contacts. If you are looking for support in your marketing efforts, I'd highly recommend Colt.” Andrew Lockhart