Scrappy AF’s Purpose Statement Evaluation Guide

A good purpose statement isn’t just something painted on your office wall that sounds nice when you read it.  It’s a critical element in the big picture of running a company that attracts dedicated clients and talented employees.  Creating consensus among a leadership team on what exactly their purpose is can be challenging, but it’s absolutely critical if they wish to gain the advantages that purpose-centered companies enjoy.  

Fortunately, there are clear criteria that purpose statements can be measured on.  As you and your team work to craft your purpose statement, use these criteria to rate the statement drafts that the team creates.  Rate the drafts 1-5 points for each criteria.  Combine the best elements from top scoring drafts to form your final purpose statement.  

Keep in mind, the goal is not to make everyone 100% happy.  Disagreement is a sign that you have a valuable diversity of thought in your leadership team.  The goal is to reach the highest level of consensus.  This scoring rubric helps to reduce the subjectivity of the process and provides a basis for reaching an outcome that everyone can agree on.  

Once you have your statement completed, ask each leader to speak to what it means to them personally and what actions they can take with their teams to help the company achieve its purpose.  


Speaks to the WHY – what we value and believe in.


Can be used as a north star to guide thought and action.


Well crafted and sounds good.


Relates to a desirable future state.


Points to what we are uniquely great at.


Measurable and within the bounds of what the organization can accomplish.


Creates an emotional impact.


Reflects the common vision of the leadership team.


Promotes Profitability.  Guides investment.

Brand Power

Embodies our competitiveness & staying power.


Inspires our staff.  Attracts best talent.


Leads the pack.  Embraces creativity.


Builds loyalty with vendors, customers, investors, staff.

Positive Impact

Supports social & environmental well-being.


Guides management decisions & priorities.


Purpose Statement Scorting Matrix