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Commercials & Videos

Stand-out web and social-channel commercials and videos

At Scrappy we have been creating videos that regularly earn 4-10 times more views than our client’s competitors. We know what makes a video capture more views, rack up more likes, earn more shares and successfully start qualified conversations for your business.

Dimensional Mailers

Dimensional mailer ideation and execution

Excellent for getting the attention of your top prospects, dimensional mailers put your brand at the top of the mail stack. They are a great way to warm up cold leads for follow up campaigns and when they are done correctly, they create very positive brand impression

I got a kick out of the marketing campaign. I thought it was very clever! Let's get something on the books for the end of May to discuss what opportunities we can pursue.
Jeffrey Hinkle, Director PFS
Your marketing team is crazy creative! I got a very good laugh when I saw the package. The campaign is so creative and well done, which is representative of you folks.
Philip Boyce, SVP
I found your campaign to be very creative. Please work with Debbie to schedule a time to meet when you are in Cleveland.
Craig Richmond, EVP and CFO
We opened the box and got a great laugh out of it! It was so clever. I am sure we will talk in the future.
Vicki DiTomaso, Director of Billing
I got a good laugh out of the revenue cycle fitness box. I would be happy to talk with you and hear what all Ensemble does.
Michelle Fox, Director, RCO
Campaign Ideation

Multi-vector campaign ideation and execution

Brands benefit from a multiplier effect when well-crafted campaigns are executed across multiple channels. The power of brand and messaging reinforcement across various modalities increases the ROI for each vector included in a campaign. This basically comes down to tightly coordinating all your marketing efforts (print, conference, mailings, web/social, etc.) across a specified time block to maximize results.

Brand Messaging Development

Brand messaging development

Said simply, brand messaging is the foundation of great marketing. It brings together competitive positioning, voice and personality, value propositions, purpose and core differentiators. It’s the ultimate nexus between strategy and creativity in marketing and brands that do it well dominate their competition.

Prospect Engagement Events

Prospect engagement events

Engaging prospects for sales presentations can be a huge struggle, but ask them where they want you to send a shipment of gold-medal-winning wines for a teletasting event with a critically acclaimed wine maker and you’ll be surprised just how responsive they can become. Great sales is all about building relationships and online prospect engagement events allow you build relationships with several prospects at a time. From wine and chocolate to beer and cheese, we can help you craft events that entertain, educate and, best of all, engage your top prospects in style. Our prospect engagement events are very affordable and highly effective.

Purpose Driven Marketing

Purpose-driven marketing program

Campaigns like Dove’s “Choose Beautiful,” Always Brand’s “Like A Girl,” and Nike’s “Dream Crazy” brought massive increases in sales because they gave people something to connect with on an emotional level. Purpose is fast becoming a critical determinate between success and failure as companies that are effective at communicating purpose will significantly outperform competitors through the 2020’s. Purpose-driven marketing is a Scrappy specialty.

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"Colt is one of the most creative and talented marketing people I know.” Judson IvyCEO, Ensemble Health
“I've had the pleasure of working with Colt for years. He will be undoubtedly one of the MOST creative individuals you will ever meet.” Jena Eggert CEO, RevCycleMatch